Cash Management

Customers can log in to their online account and make ACH transfers, deposit checks remotely, and perform many other financial activities. For greater flexibility, each employee of the business can be set up with unique security access to designated accounts and functionality.

With Cash Management, you spend less time managing your finances, and more time growing your business.




Features include:

  • Customer self-service: Businesses can easily complete tasks such as viewing ACH withdrawals/deposits, checks written, and debit card transactions daily. 
  • ACH origination: Customers can create NACHA-formatted batch files of ACH transactions, including ACH deposits and withdrawals such as employee payroll and/or monthly pre-approved billing, and submit them for processing online.
  • Access to detailed information: Authorized users can view account balances, statements and much more.
  • Advanced security: Multiple users can be established with unique security permissions, enabling employees to log in and perform authorized functions, such as transferring funds between accounts and making loan payments.


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